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$9.5M Off-Market Sale Breaks Record on Potrero Hill

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The modernist house at 1740 20th St. has shattered Potrero Hill real estate records with a off-market sale. The listing agent confirms the home sold for $9.5 million, and since it reportedly has a little less than 3,000 square feet, that puts it at approximately $3,100 per square foot.

Everything about the deal is hush-hush. It was an off-market transaction, and the listing agent, Katharine Beckwith, doesn't offer much information. She does confirm the sales price. When asked if it was a record-breaking deal, she emailed simply: "I would presume." She says that the official records show the house at 2,976 square feet (three bedrooms, two baths). There are unconfirmed reports it might be slightly larger.

A blog by Zephyr real estate agent Eileen Bermingham has more information: "The previous owners obtained signed-off permits over the summer for a horizontal addition, garage expansion, and roof deck that had been in the works several years earlier," she writes. She says the buyer was Atom Holdings LLC.

Bermingham also says that the previous Potrero Hill sales record was at 772 Wisconsin, a four-bedroom home that sold for $3.7 million in May 2014.

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