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Iconic San Francisco buildings get their boo on for Halloween

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in October 2016. We are republishing it in honor of spooktacular holiday spirit.

San Francisco famously loves Halloween, and young and old will be dressed in creative costumes beginning this weekend (we expect to see Donald Trump, Wonder Woman, and various emojis walking the streets). We started thinking: Why should the living, breathing residents of SF have all the fun? Why not give some of the city's oldest and most respected citizens a new look on the eve of the scariest day of the year? In that spirit, we've dressed up a few of the city's most recognizable buildings in boo-itful holiday style.

Images by Michelle Goldchain
Batty Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge gets vamped up for All Hallow's Eve.

Witch's Spire
The Transamerica Pyramid tries on a spellbinding new identity.

Tower of Terror
Sutro Tower gets wrapped up in the holiday by donning mummy bandages.

Dome of Doom
San Francisco Recreation & Parks is considering new uses for the Palace of the Legion of Honor. We submit our suggestion: Make it a pumpkin head.

de Monster Museum
The de Young exhibits a monstrous new look for the season.

The Fright Awakens
Even City Hall is caught up in Star Wars fever as the debut of The Last Jedi approaches.

Haas-Ghoulienthal House
Last year, we wrote about how many think San Francisco's famous Victorian (the Haas-Lilienthal house) is actually home to ghosts (and they are staging a haunted house this weekend). If the shoe fits...

Conservatory of Fright
The Conservatory of Flowers adopts a haunting new look for Halloween.

· A Historic SF House Haunted by the Seen and Unseen [Curbed SF]

Conservatory of Flowers

100 John F Kennedy Drive, , CA 94118 Visit Website

San Francisco City Hall

1 Doctor Carlton B Goodlett Place, , CA 94102 Visit Website