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Find Out Which Neighborhoods Have the Most Halloween Loot

Conventional wisdom says Washington Street in Presidio Heights, Fair Oaks in Noe Valley, Belvedere Street in Cole Valley, and nearly everywhere in Sea Cliff or Pacific Heights is the place for trick-or-treaters to go for the maximum sugar rush. But the folks at community social network Nextdoor are out with their third annual Treat Map, and they have some new suggestions. They based their findings on data from their map, a user-generated guide to who is giving out candy in the hoods. Based on that info, you might get more candy from neighborhoods like Sutro Heights, Westwood Park, and West Portal. Also on the list: Glen Park, Central Bernal Heights, and Sunnyside.

Of course, this is based on Nextdoor users, and they decide what their community's name is—thus, you get things like Central Bernal Heights and East Lake Street. Still, it's data that paints a potentially sweet picture. The rankings reflect the neighborhoods with the highest density of members who have said they are giving out candy. Users can also indicate if they are staging a haunted house.

Of course, the best trick-or-treat streets is a hotly contested topic. Feel free to keep the discussion going in the comments.