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Enchanting Richmond District Home Charms with Vintage Style

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Looking at the photos of 883 42nd Ave., you can't help but think the people who own it must be interesting. The house is one of those stucco dwellings that line the avenues. They all look similar, but the smaller details in the exterior trim and window shape vary slightly—that is, until you get to this house. Here, the owners have used garden design to make this one stand out from the rest of the row. Two palm trees frame it, and the effect of the fronds and the Moorish arched windows make it look like some sort of Alhambra. That stand-out style continues once you pass through the front door. The listing says that it was recently remodeled and expanded. Aside from some modern touches, this house retains a vintage style from the light fixtures to the molding. Some of it is surely original, but the new fits in so well, it's almost indiscernible.

You see a lot of homes with styling that could be called soulless. The furniture, art, and accessories here are the opposite, they are soulful. Nearly all of the furniture appears to be from 1920s and 1930s, and it's rare to see such a uniform vintage furniture collection. The house itself was built in 1927, and its warm wood floors and molding are a period-perfect backdrop.

The front exterior is only a hint of the creative plant explosion in the backyard, the light well, and the upper decks (there are ocean views here). This is no manicured modern garden, this is an eclectic collection of native plants and containers. Metal bed frames, an old wringer washer, and an ironing board have all been pressed into service as planters and plant stands. This is a garden with a sense of humor. Apparently, there's a green thumb and a musical mind in this family, because there are instruments throughout the house and a bright pink band room in the lower level.

The listing calls the remodel of the four-bedroom, four-bathroom home "meticulous." We don't doubt it, as they clearly pay attention to the details.

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