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A Hidden Door and a Round Bedroom Live in this Tenderloin TIC

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We spend a lot of time writing about the remarkable features found in San Francisco homes, but the chance to spotlight a round bedroom or a hidden door are few and far between. The fact that this TIC flat at 735 Geary St. has both of these rather rare design details makes it noteworthy. Normally, round bedrooms are the stuff of manor houses on grand estates. Number 303 is one bedroom, one bathroom that is neither large or landed, but it features a circular sleeping space. The hidden door is in this room, and it's a bookshelf on a pivot hinge. Closed, it looks like a regular set of shallow shelves. But a push on the edge makes it swing open to reveal what the listing calls storage. But surely there's a more creative way to use the unlikely feature. (Miniature speakeasy, anyone?)
Other cool characteristics include ornate wall moldings and plaster work and a lush green space in the back. This unit is located at the rear of the building, a key point since it sits on what the listing describes as the "lively" corner of Geary and Leavenworth.

· 735 Geary St. [Redfin]