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Developer Plans Condos For Two Prime Cow Hollow Sites

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The former Chevron station at the corner of Van Ness Avenue and Union Street has been a conspicuously abandoned lot in one of the city's prime locations for six years. Now, plans for the land have begun to take shape with the news that DM Development—the developer behind many of the sparkling new buildings in Hayes Valley, including 8 Octavia—has submitted preliminary plans to put 41 condos on the site. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the development would be the largest in the Marina/Cow Hollow area in at least two decades and would stand 65 feet high. Handel Architects is on board to design.

DM's Van Ness proposal is just one of two that the developer submitted last week in the neighborhood. A second proposal for 22 units at Lombard and Pierce streets also hit Planning. The Lombard project would stand four stories tall on what is now an empty lot. Both properties would have retail space at ground-level and parking. The larger Van Ness building would include one-, two-, and three-bedroom condos, including some on the top level with private open space. Fewer details are available about the Lombard plans, but given the location and DM Development's past projects, it will no doubt be high-end.

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