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Local Residents Will Now Be Favored in BMR Housing Lotteries

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Yesterday the Planning Commission recommended changes to the city code that would push neighborhood residents into priority spots for newly built below-market-rate housing. The new recommendation would set aside 25 percent of freshly constructed BMR housing for former residents of the neighborhood where the housing is being built. The recommendation came on the back of concerns from tenant advocates that new affordable housing going through the normal lottery process could fail to house people who have been displaced from the surrounding neighborhood.

So what is a neighborhood? The recommendations define the boundaries as a supervisor's district with the addition of a half-mile buffer zone. However, the Planning Commission's recommendation came with another suggestion to change neighborhood boundaries in order to keep displaced residents as close as possible to their former homes. Both recommendations now head to the Board of Supervisors.

· SF Aims to Give Locals Priority for Affordable Housing [Mission Local]