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Want to Have Ghostly Neighbors? Check Out These Apartments.

Halloween is right around the corner, and rental website Zumper was inspired to put together a list of apartments near some of the scariest, most haunted homes around the country. One of their picks is right here in San Francisco. It's down the street from the Queen Anne Hotel, a former boarding school for girls that is reportedly haunted by its headmistress, who was heartbroken when it closed. But the Bush Street one-bedroom isn't the only place in town near a haunted house. We looked around and found a few more spots close to some of the city's creepiest landmarks.

Two-Bedroom, Presidio Landmark Building, Presidio, $5,189/month

What used to be a public health service hospital in the Presidio is now the luxury Presidio Landmark apartment building. Before it was renovated, ghost hunters would break in to hear footsteps and feel cold drafts. The San Francisco Police Department supposedly wouldn't set foot inside. Now, two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments are renting for upwards of $5,000 per month. Amenities include a 24-hour front desk that we presume keeps the ghosts away.

One Bedroom, 850 Powell Street, Nob Hill, $3,900/Month

The Cameron House at 920 Sacramento St. is supposed to be haunted by young Chinese women who were burned to death behind a locked door. Today, the building is a neighborhood social service center, but the doors to the basement where the women died are still sealed. Less than half a block away sits a one-bedroom in the Francesca Building with newish hardwood floors, a doorman lobby, and upgraded appliances.

Three-Bedroom, 1042 Chestnut Street, Russian Hill, $8,950/Month

The home at 1000 Lombard St. is reportedly cursed. Back in the 1960s, social columnist Pat Montanan held a "zodiac themed" party there but didn't give the tarot card reader she'd hired a drink. He cursed the house in retribution, and since then the house has been vandalized and robbed, two guests committed suicide inside, and Pat's best friend died behind a locked door when a fire broke out in the home's master bedroom. If you want to live around the corner from this house of horrors, a luxury three-bedroom unit is available with fabulous views, two-car parking, and private storage. Or, if you want to get even closer, condos sometimes pop up for sale inside 1000 Lombard itself.

Two-Bedroom, 2196 Pacific Avenue, Pacific Heights, $6,700/Month

The Chambers Mansion in Pacific Heights was built by a silver tycoon, who left it to his two nieces when he died. The sisters, however, hated each other. One of them was found cut in half in the house, the victim of a mysterious "farm implement accident." Psychics who have held seances claim her ghost now roams, and passersby have seen strange flashing lights from an upstairs window. If you want to easily check out the flashing lights for yourself, you can live a five-minute walk away at a two-bedroom condo that comes with a hot tub, period moldings, and a marble bathroom.

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