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Is There Really a Pac Heights Two-Bedroom Selling for $599K?

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When we came across a two-bedroom condo in Pacific Heights listed for $599,000, we assumed it must be a typo. The only other unit even close to that price range in the tony neighborhood is studio that's asking $575,000, and one-bedrooms can easily sell for more than $1 million. It turns out that the bedroom count and price were correctly listed, but this is a very, very small two-bedroom. Its square footage clocks in at only 594, which is quite a bit less than that aforementioned studio. But the place is really quite cute and livable, with modern appliances, an exclusive-use laundry room and a big storage area.

The condo is in a prime location on Lyon Street just above the Presidio and the famed Lyon Street steps. It's a garden apartment, so the light isn't great, but there's plenty of room for a couch, and a small table in the main living area. We've had issues with the lack of room for a television in some small apartments, but this place has gotten creative in its staging and put the television on a windowsill. There may not be any closet space, it's not clear if the second bedroom actually fits a bed, and there's definitely no parking, but overall this really isn't the worst deal we've ever seen, unless it sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking.

· 2149 Lyon Street [Redfin]