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Was SF's Petite Trianon the Site of an Illegal Art Gallery?

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that police have arrested a man who was using a for sale house as an illicit art gallery. According to the Chronicle, 39-year-old Jeremiah Kaylor is accused of stealing paintings and selling them out of a "mansion on the 3800 block of Washington Street." Although police didn't identify the exact address, the report points out that only one house fits that description: 3800 Washington St., a property that's been covered often on Curbed SF. Police say the man was squatting in the $12.5 million dollar home for at least two months, making it something of a live-work space. Kaylor allegedly stole and sold numerous paintings while occupying the house, but police say most of them have been recovered.

Police told the Chronicle that, when confronted, Kaylor produced fake documents that he said showed he was in the process of buying the house.

When we last wrote about 3800 Washington this spring, the home's price had been cut from $25 million, to $17.995 million, to $12.5 million (while spinning off the guesthouse as a separate property)—and still no buyer had been found. The home is a "modified copy" of the Petit Trianon chateau at Versailles.

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