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Mission District Home is New, Larger, and Asks for $5.5M

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Back in 2014, a Curbed editor ended a post about the property at 29 Dorland Street with this question: " an unbuilt house really worth $2.4 million?" The query was generated by the fact that the then rundown home was back on the market, just 16 months after being sold for $1.35 million. This time it came with remodel plans, permits, and a new asking price of $2.4 million. Today, we have the tentative answer: If it sells for its new asking price of $5.5 million, then it was likely worth the price. As it stands right now, the house is the most expensive property on the market in the Mission District, followed by 2700 Bryant St., an interesting building with a $5 million dollar price tag.

You'd expect a lot from a Mission District home with such a hefty price tag, and this one delivers. Architects at Winder Gibson Architects reimagined the home as a four-story dwelling with an elevator and a six-car garage. There are a lot of designer finishes (wallpapers by Kelly Wearstler and Piero Fornasetti, for example), but some of the special touches are what really stand out. There's living wall by Living Green Design surrounding an entry. Stackable glass doors disappear into the back wall to fully open the kitchen to the garden. There's a cool wood-fired pizza oven in that backyard on a platform of board-formed concrete. A top-floor family room with a wet bar opens onto a roomy deck. Add the new look in the old location (Dorland is a short street just a block from both Dolores Park and the shops and restaurants on Valencia Street), and we might be giving the "is it worth it" question an unqualified yes when it sells.

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