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UCSF Scoops up Dogpatch Properties For Student Housing

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As rent prices in San Francisco soar ever higher, one segment of the city's population feeling the squeeze is students. Schools are starting to take notice. The Panoramic, which is primarily leased by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and California College of Arts as a dorm, opened earlier this year, and the Conservatory also announced the upcoming construction of an eleven-story facility on Van Ness. The latest university to take action is UCSF, which just bought three properties on Minnesota Street in Dogpatch near its Mission Bay campus to use for student housing. The parcels, which now hold industrial buildings, could one day hold around 1,000 student housing units.

UCSF said that it bought the land to remain competitive in attracting top students, some of whom have chosen other schools because of high costs of living in San Francisco or long commutes. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the new development could add to headaches about public transit and open space in the area. The school has promised to work with community leaders to take into account livability issues and will not make a final decision on how to use the site until an environmental review is completed.

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