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Luxury Marina District TIC Weighs in with a $3.850 Price Tag

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The luxury tenancy-in-common unit at 2646 Greenwich St. is easy to mistake for a stand-alone house. After all, it has 2,922 square feet, and there are plenty of single-family homes in San Francisco that are that size and smaller. But, according to the listing, it is one of two units (the other one, 2648 Greenwich, is no longer listed for sale). That's not the only feature the four-bedroom, three-bathroom TIC has in common with a single-home dwelling. The price, $3.85 million, is another thing you see on many single-family homes, just maybe not in this coveted neighborhood near both the Presidio and Chestnut Street.

We are guessing this is a flip, but the before shots and the history of property are not readily available. From the outside, if you look closely, you can perhaps see the outline of what once stood here. We don't know what it was like before, but now it's quite high end. The new kitchen is kitted out with state-of-the-art appliances. Adjacent to the kitchen is a media area that's framed with pretty walnut wood, kind of a modern take on a paneled library. The walnut makes another appearance in living room cabinetry. Large windows and a deck off the back of the living room offer front-row seats to Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts views. A private yard is accessed from two levels (included a bumped-up seating area in the master bedroom) lets you step into directly into the landscape.

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