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Bernal Homes Separated by a Few Blocks and More Than $500K

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These homes are on what you could call the backside of Bernal Heights, the area south of Cortland Avenue. Both are on Folsom and both have a loft-like aesthetic, but one of them is probably slightly larger and is asking for $1.595 million and the other (which has one less bedroom and one less bath) is priced at $1.049 million.

Let's start with 3942 Folsom St., the (perhaps) larger offering and the one that has higher end finishes. The listing calls it an "exceptional to-the-studs architect renovation." We would have to agree. It has wonderful, large windows that embrace the outdoors. Unfortunately, in this case, some of the outdoors is a thisclose home that is not remodeled and is painted a salmon color. The previous owner didn't shy away from using tile in saturated color, and we like it. We also like the modern agrarian Salt Box style of the home's exterior. The square footage is notably absent, although there are three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths.

The next house is at 4142 Folsom St., more toward Alemany Boulevard. This one is also architect-designed, and it shows. It also makes good use of expansive windows. The second story has a loft-like space (complete with a small balcony that looks onto the living room). This house makes use of natural wood for a more warm, textured, and earthy modernism. It has 1,156 square feet, two bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms.

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