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Pac Heights Victorian Gets Modern Makeover, $4.8M Price Tag

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Just under a year ago, an old Victorian in a prime location on California Street just a block and a half from Fillmore sold for $1.861 million. Although the home had been built back in 1877 and was heavy on history, it was light on the charm that many old San Francisco Victorians possess. One of its only remaining details was a small living room fireplace. Not surprisingly, its purchasers gave it a major overhaul. The brokerbabble notes that "dramatic and contemporary interiors are masked by a beautiful Victorian facade." The newly fancy house is back on the market and looking for $4.8 million, nearly $3 million more than it sold for a year ago. If period details had been destroyed in this mega-modern renovation, we'd probably be lamenting the loss the way we did at this nearby flip. But given that the place was filled with bad carpeting and bare walls before it was remodeled, the new style is an improvement. The big open space in the great room is broken up by a small supporting wall with glass at its center. There's now a truly huge fireplace, and a glass staircase sweeps through the center of the home. The home has five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths, and the jarring electric colors of last year have been replaced with the expected neutrals.

The only thing that seems to remain from the original home, besides the facade, is a small wooden gazebo out back. It's surprising to see this simple little structure make an appearance in the home's otherwise super-modern new layout, but it looks absolutely perfect tucked in a corner and framed by palm trees.

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