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Claim a Crest and Live Like a Tudor in this Sunset District Home

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There's an element of "to-the-manor-born" in the house at 1216 28th Ave. Things like diamond-patterned windows with stained-glass familial crests, rich dark woodwork, and ornate built-ins aren't features we typically associate with Sunset District homes, but they are here in spades in this Tudor house, which is asking $1.75 million. Although the front exterior doesn't have the light-colored stucco and heavy beams often found on Tudors, this one does have the steeply sloped roof often found on the style, and its original, regal interior details are more than enough to evoke images of the English royal dynasty. Maybe a remodel in the home's past erased those common exterior details, because there's evidence of updating inside.

At some point, perhaps in the 1950s, it appears that someone updated the kitchen with an Atomic-Age style (Formica countertops, flat-face cabinets, etc.). But it's fairly easy to overlook with the cool details in the front rooms (like the leaded-glass pass through between the kitchen and dining room). Upstairs, the staging mostly ends, but there's still plenty to look at with arched eyebrow windows and some original light fixtures.

There's a large backyard, but since the house is only a half-block from Golden Gate Park, when the new owners get the keys to the castle, they can stroll over to the park and pretend they are walking the grounds of the estate.

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