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Art Nouveau Mansion Lives Large on the Edge of the Presidio

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This elegant mansion's address, 3756 Jackson St., means that it backs up into W. Pacific Avenue, and the edge of the Presidio of San Francisco. If you've ever walked on the Presidio trail that runs from the Arguello Gate east to Julius Kahn Park, then you've likely noticed the mansions whose rear exteriors line W. Pacific between Cherry and Maple Streets. This elegant manse is one of those, and today you don't have to wonder what's behind those arched windows. The house was built in 1925, but the florid lines are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era whose heyday was several years before that. In today's dollars, those kinds of features added to this stellar location equal an asking price of $11.5 million.

The square footage isn't listed, but you don't have to be a spatial genius to figure out that this is a very large home. It has six bedrooms, six baths, and two half-baths spread over four levels. With a grand home, it makes sense to start at the top. The uppermost floor is currently a dedicated children's level, complete with a playroom, a terrace that overlooks the Presidio, and three bedrooms (because, hey, these days a large family the chic accessory in SF's upper crust).

The next story down is an adult retreat, outfitted with a small library, a master bedroom with a fireplace, another terrace looking over the park, and a sitting room (dealing with all the children means you need a place to rest).

Descend the gorgeous winding staircase to the main level and a formal living room, a large kitchen, a dining room whose ceiling is adorned with fancy plaster tracery, and a family room. Those last two rooms also have a park-facing terrace.

The lower level is all business, with an office, an exercise room, a laundry room, and an au pair bedroom and bath (see kid references above).

With a large home like this, it has the expected elevator to all floors (a feature the kids will surely love).

· 3756 Jackson Street [Official Site]