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Petite Bernal Heights Condo Has 625 Square Feet, Asks $659K

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There are a lot of charming features in this one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo that lives at 244 Precita Ave., just a block from Precita Park. Two things stand out: It has what appears to be a newly remodeled kitchen that's done in a farmhouse style and it has a nice view of the city from the front room. The price tag for such elements is $659,000.

We've never seen an agrarian-style kitchen in a home this small, and this one is undeniably cute. With square footage at a premium, space planning is bound to be a challenge, and the kitchen sink is pushed right next to the window. Elements like a long wall pantry covered by a barn door, open shelves, and tile that runs from the countertop to the ceiling are nice touches.

There's a pleasant deck that opens off the kitchen. It's a good thing it looks over treetops and the shared yard, as it gives you a place to relax while doing the laundry. That's right, you'll be visiting the washer and dryer al fresco since the appliances are located in a closet off the deck. Not a bad situation with the recent hot weather we've been having, but maybe a problem when El Niño hits later this season.

The listing notes that the homeowners' association is dog friendly, and given the aforementioned location, that's bound to make it attractive to many buyers.

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