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Queen Anne Manse in the Midst of Renovations Asks $4.5M

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The elaborate six-bedroom Queen Anne mansion at 1450 Masonic Avenue has had a rather rough year and a half. When it first went on the market in February 2014, we noted its grand ornamentation, numerous roof decks, and big $5.995 million price tag. The mansion underwent a series of price cuts before selling for $5.375 million. Now, just over a year later, it's back on the market with an even lower ask of $4.5 million. Why the big price cut? The mansion is currently right in the middle of renovations. Potential buyers are even required to sign a waiver of liability just to tour the under-construction property.

We're not sure exactly what's being done to the house at the moment since no interior photos are currently available. Renovations are somewhat restricted because the house is considered historic by the Planning Department, but we hope that the early-aughties marble bathrooms are on their way out. The 6,000-square-foot home boasts period details like stained glass, a Moorish turret, and and Dichardsonian Richardsonian arched entry porch that look to be untouched. The hot tub out back is also still around.

Interior Photos from 2014 Listing

· 1450 Masonic Avenue [Redfin, Current Site]
· 1450 Masonic Avenue [Redfin, 2014 Site]