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Grand Old Presidio Heights Manse Hits Market, Asks $11M

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The large home at 3323 Clay St. sits in the heart of Presidio Heights, just three blocks from the Presidio itself. Everything about this house speaks of a blue blood pedigree, including its $11 million price tag.

From the outside, the shingled home is a classic East Coast style. Inside, traditional meets modern design, but not in a jarring way. In 6,505 square feet (six bedrooms, five baths), there's room for a melding of aesthetics. A dramatic, winding staircase leads to the upper levels where you find a kitchen with a 10-foot-long marble island (it's one of those cascading countertops that covers the surface and the sides). That's just a hint of the marble to come; the veined stone shows up on the floor of the glass-clad wine room, the backsplash of the kitchenette in the upper level family room (wow, the view), and, most memorably, everywhere in the master bath. In that room, marble covers every plane save for the ceiling and the vanity sides. If it sounds like too much, consider this: This home wears its style like an old-school grand dame. It's fancy, but understated and appropriate.

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