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Pac Heights Co-Op Turned Faraday Cage Cuts $1M From Ask

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It turns out that living in what is basically a giant Faraday cage inside a fancy Pacific Heights co-op building just isn't that appealing to most buyers. Back in May, Unit 4 at 2170 Jackson Street went on the market looking for $8.6 million. Its defining feature wasn't its prime location or its full-floor space, but rather the thick coat of semiconductive graphite paint that covers its walls in an attempt to block out electric and magnetic fields (EMF)—the radiation released by devices like cell phones and wireless routers that some believe could be linked to cancer. No one has jumped at the chance to own the co-op, and its price has now plummeted a full million dollars down to $7.6 million.

Besides the EMF protection, the co-op features three bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, and details like carved doors and crystal chandeliers. Its current furniture and finishes are a bit wacky, but it appears to have lovely bones, a modern kitchen, and plenty of space. The only real downside is the garage situation, where there is room for just one car. We're not really sure if all the EMF protection features are a bonus to buyers or not, but it sounds like whoever buys this place could be safe from all that San Francisco tech.

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