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Tall Foyer Makes for a Grand Entrance in Lower Pac Heights

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Talk about making a memorable first impression: The front door of this home at 2901 Pine Street opens to a three-story tall, glass-topped atrium that's filled with art (most notably, the gigantic white face of a classically adorned woman). The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house just hit the market this morning and is asking for $3.5 million.

From the outside, you can see the home's Victorian roots. All the ornate trim is there, but it's painted a rather subdued tan color. Inside, the old building is reimagined as a three-level home that's connected by a gigantic light well/stairwell. This architectural construct makes many of the spaces loft-like. For example, the master bedroom is open to the light well and the curved atrium roof. It's also open to the master bath, which has a soaking tub placed in front of a fireplace.

The use of glass throughout the house as stair rails and balusters ensures that light penetrates the space. It's also used for opaque architectural elements, such as the fireplace surround, where sheets of glass are flush with a large mirror over the firebox.

The listing says the foyer was designed to showcase art. If you want to get up close and personal with the woman's face mentioned above, you can walk across the second story, glass-lined catwalk that connects the kitchen and dining area to the living room for a closer study.

Recently, commenters had a lot to say about two Victorian-era homes featured on Curbed San Francisco: One house had been gutted completely, the other home was carefully preserved. Does home lie between the two? Tell use what you think.

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