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Rockridge District House Features Jaw Dropping, Cave-Like Bar

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There are a lot of interesting features in the house at 6055 Rockwell St. in Oakland, but the one we can't get over is the remarkable, cave-like bar just off the family room. The space is studded with faux stalactites and has kegs embedded in the rocky walls. Frankly, we haven't featured anything like this since we wrote about the Flintstone House in Hillsborough. The price for bellying up to this stone bar is $1.247 million.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house was built in 1936, and what the listing calls a "grotto bar" appears to be original or added many years ago. Whoever created it didn't want to hide it behind a closed door. It's visible over a partition in the family room and fronted by a wrought-iron gate. The bar is surrounded by what appear to be terra-cotta pipes embedded in the walls—maybe for wine storage? An open door at the end of the room reveals an old-fashioned safe. What is perhaps another auxiliary room has brick walls, rustic plaster shelves, and what looks like another bar or counter. It is one of those things that's so funky, it's fabulous.

There's more whimsey throughout the house. It has one of those pink bathrooms that time forgot, a knotty pine-clad breakfast room, and a kitchen whose rustic cabinets are surrounded by brick (as in a brick backsplash and brick countertop edging). In fact, brick and stone are a theme inside and out, and the exterior is brick with a terra-cotta tile roof. All this makes the street name, Rockwell, particularly fitting.

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