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Mapping the Noisiest Neighborhoods Around San Francisco

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It's next to impossible to find a truly bucolic, peaceful neighborhood in San Francisco, but some areas are undoubtedly noisier than others. Real estate website Trulia took a stab at figuring out which neighborhoods are the loudest by compiling police data on noise complaints around the city for the past five years or so. This method isn't perfect, as they admit—serial complainers, reporting biases, and population could be factors skewing the data. But there are enough facts there to give us a pretty good idea of where people are complaining about noise the most.

Not surprisingly, the Tenderloin, the Haight, and North Beach are hot spots for lots of sound. There's a clear line of noise complaints stretching down Sixth Street, and the Mission is also covered by a high decibel zone. Some smaller audio issues appear in surprising places, including a dot that pops up in the Presidio.

· Mapping Ear Plug Hotspots [Trulia]

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