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Rich Granny Home Tries to Snag $5.85M Before Staging

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The sellers of the big four-bedroom home at 2730 Broderick Street in Cow Hollow seem well aware that their house exudes an air of "granny chic." The house just popped onto the market, but with a disclaimer: it's actually "coming soon," but the seller will be willing to part with it before either painting or staging is complete. So right now we get to look at the home in its pre-spruced state, complete with chintz sofas, glass china cabinets, and pastel draperies. It's not clear how much an early buyer willing to jump on the home before it gets some new paint would really be saving, given that the asking price is a hefty $5.85 million.

The house sits at a prime location just half a block from Union and a couple of blocks from the Presidio. It boasts an oversized lot, plenty of curb appeal, and elegant touches like a big carved fireplace. The only downside seems to be the one-car garage, but the listing mentions that there is already a quote to add room for a second car for less than $80,000. So will this place get snapped up even before it gets staged?

· 2370 Broderick St [Redfin]