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Flippers Turn Boring Bernal Box Into Sleek Designer Home

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San Francisco's first flip of the year just hit the market, and it's in the flipper hotbed of Bernal Heights. When the boxy little home last sold for $740K just over a year ago, it had four small bedrooms carved into its 1,750 square feet and its facade featured some hideous fake stone detailing. The house wasn't in bad condition at all, but it did have a bland suburban feel complete with beige carpeting throughout. The home has now been completely redesigned and turned into the type of sleek, modern house that typifies flipper style. It's now back on the market for $1.595 million, or $855K more than its last sale price.

In opening up the house, the flippers took away a bedroom, making it a three-bedroom with two bathrooms. The main living space is laid out as one long, rectangular great room with wood floors and tile to replace the carpeting. The fake stone is gone, of course, and the facade is now white stucco. Both skylights and a very noticeable black kitchen have been installed. The brokerbabble describes the design as "dramatic," but in some cases, such as the tiled entryway and the stone-patterned bathroom walls, it just feels headache inducing. At least, unlike many other flips, this house didn't have much history or architectural integrity to lose.

39 Samoset Street pre-flip:

39 Samoset Street post-flip:

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