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Eater 38 and Heatmap Updates; Foie Gras Relegalized; Anticipated Winter Restaurants; More!

SAN FRANCISCO—The Eater 38 has been freshly updated! Here are our picks for the 38 essential San Francisco restaurants.

CALIFORNIA—We broke the news that foie gras has been relegalized in California, as of Wednesday. A whole bunch of stuff followed, including excited chefs, PETA protests, and restaurants offering enticing new foie dishes.

BAY AREA—What are the 19 hottest new restaurants in the Bay Area? The Eater Heatmap has the answers.

SAN FRANCISCO—Looking ahead to the rest of the quarter, we rounded up the five most anticipated restaurants of winter 2015.

MISSION—Trick Dog has a rad new menu: it's Chinese-restaurant themed, and even involves giving away free drinks to a handful of lucky patrons.

MISSION—An employee of Mission bar Gestalt Haus had the dumb idea to sell weed to customers, and cost the bar its liquor license for a month. But what's even funnier is that a government agency spent four months undercover trying to buy pot there before they finally scored a dime bag.

MID-MARKET—The Market on Market, debuting this month in the Twitter building, is aiming to be NorCal's answer to Eataly. We've got all the details on what to expect.

BAY AREA—Trying to stay on the dietary straight-and-narrow in the new year? Here are 15 great places to eat that are also very healthy.