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Sad 225-Square-Foot Studio Mysteriously Grows in Size, No Longer Demands Celibacy

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Last week, we brought you news of a 225-square-foot mini-studio in Duboce Park asking a terrifying $1,750 per month. Just as terrifying as the price was the very unsteady-looking bunk bed that had to stay in the apartment, according to the listing. Apparently no renters jumped at the opportunity for a life of near-certain celibacy in the studio, and the listing has now been updated with a new price of $1,650 per month and a note that the bunk bed is optional. The apartment also appears to have grown, because its square footage has increased in the listing from 225 to 250 square feet.

The apartment's owner used to be fairly picky about the future tenant, requiring a student or young professional with a credit score over 700 and "no pets, drugs, smoking or parties." All of those requirements have disappeared, as has the suggestion that street parking with permit is an amenity. The future renter will have to get a P.O. box for mail, and, as an astute commenter pointed out, that probably means that he or she wouldn't be able to even get a permit for street parking. The apartment, which is on the second floor of a Victorian and is primarily made up of one eight-foot-by-eleven-foot room, does still include water, garbage, Wi-Fi, and electricity in the rent.

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