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Olympics Detractors Promise to Fight SF Bid if It Moves Ahead

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The US Olympic Committee's board of directors won't meet until tomorrow to select a city to pursue the Olympic bid, but a group calling itself SF No 2024 Olympics has already sent the committee a letter (PDF) promising "political action" if they pursue a US Olympic bid with San Francisco as the host city. The letter, signed by former supervisor Chris Daly and 18 others, vows to take steps to ensure that public money won't be spent on the games, which have been roughly budgeted at $4.5 billion in a plan that is billed as entirely financed with private funds.

As the Chronicle notes, the US Olympic Committee's strategy in evaluating the four contenders—Boston, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Washington, DC—is to pick the city most likely to win against potential international competitors including Paris, Rome, Budapest, and Istanbul. It's a strategy that banks on the prospect of a fight, or potentially a ballot initiative, making SF less competitive against other cities.

"We have great admiration for our Olympic athletes and we respect the efforts of the United States Olympic Committee to advance the spirit of the Olympic games," the letter states. "However, selecting San Francisco as the United States 2024 Summer Games host city would jeopardize your efforts to bring the Olympics back to the United States."

In 1972, Denver pulled a similar move after the International Olympic Committee selected it as the host city for the 1976 Olympics. Voters rejected the allocation of public funds that would have been required to put on the games.

If the US Olympic Committee makes a decision tomorrow—in, as it happens, Denver—a news conference will be held in the winning city on Friday.

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