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Call for Submissions! See Your Home Featured on Curbed

Last month we launched House Calls, a new series of home tours devoted to the way Bay Area folk live behind closed doors. So far we've toured a hidden apartment at Grace Cathedral and a really tiny apartment with a walk-in closet that's been converted into the smallest bedroom we've yet seen. Effective immediately, we're looking for volunteers with offbeat, curious, or just refreshingly cozy dwellings to invite us into their homes for a tour and a photo shoot. Your place doesn't have to be tiny—though we are always interested in how people are making that work. Perhaps you live on a houseboat, or in a converted firehouse, or in a well-kept Eichler, or perched somewhere along one of San Francisco's staircase streets, or even in a Painted Lady.

Maybe your house is unassuming from the street but you've done a lot on the interior, or you've erected a video game shrine in your otherwise upstanding, traditionally appointed apartment. The possibilities are numerous! If you would like to be considered for a story, send us an email (put "House Calls" in the subject line, please) with a few snapshots of your place. Tell us something about it: the size, how many people live there, and a few words about your style and your stuff. Also feel free to nominate your shy friends! (With their permission, of course.)

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