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Historic Alamo Square Koster Mansion Takes $200K Price Chop

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The four-story Victorian mega-mansion at 930 Grove Street, just in back of the Painted Ladies, has struggled to find a buyer willing to take on its 33 rooms of now-somewhat-shabby grandeur since landing on the market in October. As you recall, the home was built in 1897 for barrel magnate John L. Koster by local architects Martens & Coffey in the Classical Revival style, but it was carved up into 12 units sometime around World War II, when it housed military personnel. Nonetheless, the house has retained much of its original flair—coffered inlaid ceilings, herringbone wood floors, column capitals galore—and that's only in the foyer. Today the property took a healthy $200K pricechop in hopes of snaring a buyer.

As we noted in the fall, the property will require a good bit of work. That elaborate entry porch needs fixing, and some of the units could use some TLC to get the original floors and built-ins up to snuff. Or will some modern-day barrel magnate with high-up pickling connections convert the place back into a trophy house? Vinegar titans take note: Since the property is a contributor to the Alamo Square Historic District, potential buyers will be limited on the changes they can make to the outside.

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