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For a Hot Second Visitacion Valley Looked Like Billionaires' Row

For a few gleeful hours yesterday, the seller of a bland, boxy four-bedroom on Sawyer Street in Visitacion Valley was a millionaire many times over, if only according to the Internet. After listing for a mere $649K in September, the home sold at the close of 2014, with a sale price entered at $660,000,000. Thankfully, things haven't gotten quite that desperate in San Francisco (yet), and the thousand-fold increase was corrected this morning.

The typo-windfall represents a nearly $635 million gain over the (also fake) $25.25 million price record we spotted in Corona Heights, crowning Visitacion Valley the city's newest top neighborhood in the area of fictive wealth—and proving that even when it comes to fake sale records, there's no stopping price appreciation in San Francisco. We hope the sellers at least enjoyed a beer before watching their newfound wealth evaporate.

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