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Renderings Released for Controversial Rentals at 16th, Mission

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The controversial 345-unit rental building proposed by developer Maximus Real Estate Partners at 16th and Mission streets has been dubbed "the monster in the Mission" by Mission residents opposed to gentrification. Until now, however, images of the planned building at 1979 Mission Street have been scarce, with only a very preliminary rendering with little neighborhood context available. In those images the building does indeed look huge, sitting alone with nothing on any side. Now, as 1979 Mission heads toward its environmental review, Maximus has released a new set of renderings from architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill that shows the building as it would fit into the neighborhood.

By its own count, Maximus has already held more than 100 community meetings about 1979 Mission and states that the new designs take into account feedback from the community on the design. Current renderings show a building that will top out at 105 feet at its highest point and move down to 55 feet along Capp Street. The site is already zoned for 105 feet under the Eastern Neighborhoods plan, and thus wouldn't require any height-increase approvals. The website for 1979 Mission also includes before-and-afters showing what the site looks like now and what it would look like, while stressing that no housing currently exists on the lot. (The development would replace a Burger King, a Walgreens, a Chinese restaurant, a bar, market, and parking lot.)

The building's units would range from studios to four-bedrooms and would include 42 below-market-rate apartments, right around the 12 percent required by law. The project also includes elements that will increase the size of the adjacent BART plaza by almost 40 percent and improve streets and sidewalks, especially along Capp Street. However, given the negative neighborhood response to streetscape improvements along Mission Street, those efforts could backfire.

Neighborhood opposition is led by the Plaza16 Coalition, which has already held rallies, stormed the Maximus offices, and demanded that the project be handed over to the community. At one point, in response to criticism of the building's shadow path across a playground, Maximus offered to raise the playground 15 feet in the air.

The developer is seeking approvals from Planning by this summer and hopes to start construction this year, but expect to hear plenty more about 1979 Mission before then.

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