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For Over $7M, Presidio Heights House Is Actually Kind of Meh

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In the heart of Presidio Heights is 200 Laurel Street, a seven-bedroom home that just hit the market asking $7.195 million. Built in 1906, the house itself is spacious and light filled, but it lacks any special touches, and the bland staging doesn't help it feel like a $7 million home. The most exciting aspect of the house, at least from its photos, are stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and a small iron replica of the bridge in the back garden.

There's also no sign of a real kitchen in the pictures. A room with glass cabinets, counter space, and what looks like a sink is shown, but there's no stove or refrigerator, making the state of the kitchen a complete mystery. At least one of the bathrooms is big and spacious, but others look a bit cramped. The living space on the top floor, which looks like a converted attic, also feels a bit cramped, with sloping walls that cut into the three bedrooms and wood-paneled office. Despite its shortcomings, the house has a good amount of space and an undeniably fantastic location, attributes that we expect it will rely on with that big asking price.

· 200 Laurel Street [Official Site]