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'Midcentury Modern' Trumps 'Bungalow' in Californians' Top Google Searches

According to a map put together by real estate website Estately, Californians Google "midcentury modern" more than any other real estate-related search term. The map makes use of Google Trends data from the past 10 years to provide a picture of what residents of different states are searching for when they're looking for real estate. Prime local examples of midcentury modern, of course, are homes designed by Joseph Eichler, and California is full of them.

California's other top search terms seem more relevant for the warmer climates further south, with "beach bungalow" and "chalet for sale" rounding out the top three. Across the country, top search terms are often reflective of their states, for better or worse: Oregon is obsessed with "yurts for sale," while South Carolinians want "mobile homes for rent." Michiganders and Rhode Islanders alike want to look at mansions, tiny homes are big in Colorado, and Indianans are apparently in constant need of pole barns.

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