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Killjoys Threaten Massive Urban Slip 'N Slide Over Drought

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After all the buzz last week about the 1,000-foot Slip 'N Slide coming to some to-be-announced street in San Francisco in July, the backlash has now begun in earnest. A petitioner by the name of Paul Duffy has launched a campaign to stop organizer Slide the City from rolling out the plastic bumpers amid the state's very serious drought (we're poised to see the driest January on record, as the Chronicle recently noted). Duffy objects to Slide the City's 15 stops statewide—which include Oakland and San Jose—on the grounds that the company's website,, provides "no explanation for how much water will be used per event nor does the company make any attempt to explain where the water will come from." So far the petition has just over 400 signatures.

So SF Weekly actually picked up the phone and called Slide the City to find out about the slide's water usage. Spokesman Ryan Johnson told the paper that the SF event will require between 12,000 and 15,000 gallons of water, or about one-twentieth of what a typical golf course uses in the course of one day, Johnson said.

In September, Los Angeles denied a permit to Slide the City over water conservation—after the launch of a similar petition—even though Slide the City planned to recycle the water for use in a park. That's the plan for SF, too: Johnson told SF Weekly, "At the end of the event the water will be de-chlorinated and will go back to either the recycling facility so someone else can use it or it will be used to water city parks." Given that four of the city's golf courses use a combination of potable water and groundwater, there seems to be no shortage of uses for 15,000 gallons of recycled water (except at Sharp Park, which has already converted over to recycled water).

Of course, this city has no shortage of fog. Perhaps we could skirt the issue by tapping SF's most notorious resource? One cubic mile of fog would net us 56,000 gallons, enough for almost four days of nonstop sliding. You down, Karl?

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