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Cow Hollow Condo with Soaring Glass Sky Room Asks $1.385M

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Strangely shaped spaces are easy to find in San Francisco, a city of bay windows, turrets, pitched glass roofs, aggressively angled walls, and bubble rooms. But it can be harder to find one that works perfectly, as this two-bedroom Cow Hollow condo does. The unit sits on the upper levels of a peaked-roof building built around the turn of the last century, but instead of shrinking into its triangular lines it uses them for huge windows, vaulted ceilings and a "lofted sky room" with walls of glass at the very top. The sky room looks like it might heat up like a greenhouse when the sun is out, but a sliding glass roof easily sidesteps that issue by opening the room up to the air.

The only place where the odd shape feels slightly oppressive is in the kitchen, where the angled ceilings get a little claustrophobic despite their extensive skylights. The home, which is asking $1.385 million, also has two bathrooms and parking for one car in a garage below. It is being marketed as a penthouse, which seems a bit misleading, but we love the space enough to give the brokerbabble a pass.

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