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Photo-Stalking the Transbay Transit Center As It Rises Higher

The Transbay Transit Center has been rising above ground for, what, all of two months now, and our social media feeds are full of photos from all vantage points. Favorite spots include the garden at 100 First Street, and the sun terrace POPOS there (as long as security doesn't get in the way!), as well as neighboring offices and points within the construction site itself. We took a tour back in December, and already the steel fame has reached a length of 200 feet (it will eventually be 1,400), living up to a style John King has dubbed "megaproject moderne."
Here we go, in reverse-chronological order:

#transbay terminal going up.

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Transbay Terminal #ironworkers #bigiron #transbay

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Built for #quakes. #transbay #sanfrancisco #bayarea #progress

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Progress #crane #transbay terminal

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Going up fast. Major steelwork. #SanFrancisco #transbay #hsr

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Transbay Transit Center 30' above street level! #transbay #boomtown #sanfrancisco

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Waler WC-24 = 34,000 #manitowoc #999 #transbay #only2yearslefthere @thetransbayproject

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Transbay Transit Center

85 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA