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Tidy One-Bedroom in Mount Davidson Manor Wants Just $449K

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Qualifiers for our Under $500K Club are getting harder and harder to find these days, but a well-kept one-bedroom condo in Mount Davidson Manor easily made the cut with its $449K ask. The unit isn't big, at just 913 square feet, but it does have large windows with leafy views, a newish kitchen, and a shared backyard that serves as a green oasis. And although its location isn't in a traditionally hot neighborhood, it is near plenty of public transportation, freeways, and the up-and-coming Ocean Avenue corridor.

The condo, which was built in 1993, comes with a washer and dryer and shared garage. HOA dues are $200 a month. It last sold in 2004 for $422,000, so it now wants an increase of just $27,000 after more than 10 years. And for those looking for a deal, estimated repayments on a 30-year mortgage are just $2,366 a month, assuming a 20 percent down payment. That, is, of course, significantly less than the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco right now.

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