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Excelsior's 'Princess Diaries' Firehouse Burns Another $425K

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It seems as if even an association with a Hollywood princess can't entice buyers to burn cash on the converted Excelsior firehouse at 724 Brazil Avenue. The building was used as the home of Anne Hathaway's character Mia in The Princess Diaries (in her frizzy-haired, pre-makeover phase), but has been struggling on the market since it first went up for sale back in October. It started with an asking price of $2.6 million, took one price cut in November, and now has taken another huge $425K chop to land at $1.85 million, a full $750K less than its initial ask. According to the brokerbabble, the owner is eager to sell.

The property was originally built for horse-drawn carriages and still retains vestiges of its firehouse past, including a boxy exterior with neat red trim and signage advertising it as Engine Company 43. The home has most recently served as a two-unit rental, and the interiors—complete with decorative ladder—are more fit for a fire company than a princess. Kitchens and closet space both appear to be lacking, making the place perhaps more suited for a tech startup, as that listing suggests, than living quarters.

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