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SF Restaurant Week's Best and Worst Deals; Inside the Market at Twitter; Guy Fieri's Winery Goes Bust

Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF editor Allie Pape shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

The Market. Photo via Patricia Chang
SAN FRANCISCO—SF Restaurant Week (formerly known as Dine About Town) is upon us. Where can you find the best deals, and who's just ripping people off? We did the math.

MID-MARKET—The Market is an enormous and totally bonkers new food complex in the Twitter building. Take a stroll through.

SONOMA—Cancel the party bus to Flavortown: Guy Fieri's proposed Sonoma winery has flamed out, just like his shirts.

COW HOLLOW—The next act for the former Cafe des Amis will be a new restaurant from Adriano Paganini, the man behind Beretta, Delarosa, Super Duper Burgers, and Starbelly, among others.

UNION SQUARE—A sad week for vegans: SF's only fine-dining restaurant for them, Millennium, is closing down, and Source, the vegetarian cafe in SOMA, also went under, with the owner saying the SF Labor Board "buried us."

EMBARCADERO—You'll probably want to cancel any reservations at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan after reading Michael Bauer's 1.5-star takedown, in which he compares it to a proctology exam.

MISSION—We unveiled the secret behind the bar at Beretta: a bird-themed cocktail menu available by request only. Fernet jelly is involved.

MISSION—Ike of Ike's Place is thinking of launching a burger and pizza joint in the Mission.