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Massive Slip 'N Slide Will Return to SF Streets This Summer

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After last year's 1,000-foot Slip 'N Slide extravaganza on Potrero Hill, the mobile-waterpark folk at Slide the City have announced they'll be bringing the party to SF once again for the first time. No precise date or location has been revealed yet, but the organizers say it will be sometime in July. Can we nominate Lombard Street, please, or perhaps the twisty part of Vermont? There's a three-tier ticketing system that regulates the number of slides per person, which you'll need to be at least semi-sober to read.

UPDATE (1/28/15): This post mistakenly conflated last year's Slip 'N Slide event (a promotion related to Bare Naked Granola) with Slide the City's planned event this year. Slide the City has never operated in San Francisco before. We regret the error.

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