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Potrero NIMBYs Rearing for Fight at Today's Planning Hearing on 1601 Mariposa

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In a city where new development sparks controversy more often than not, the plans for a 316-unit Potrero Hill rental complex at 1601 Mariposa have been among the most contentious of the past few years. Developer Related California would like to turn what is now a warehouse and parking lot into a four-story set of buildings with 275 parking spaces and 9,000 square feet of retail. The plans sparked the formation of an antidevelopment group, Grow Potrero Responsibly, and have already gone through design changes from architect David Baker that involved removing two floors closest to the Live Oak School Playground and cutting back on the number of units. Today, Planning will hear comments on the project's Draft Environmental Impact Report, and a spirited debate is expected.

According to the Grow Potrero Responsibly website, concerns include the cumulative impact of too many units in the Showplace Square/Potrero area, traffic effects of the new units that the group says haven't been fully studied, and increased demand on Jackson Playground, located across from the new development. There are also shadow issues with Jackson Playground, which has portions that may be shadowed for a few hours a day. Other sticking points are noise, which the NIMBYs say could be a "nuisance for a full two years," and air quality. The group would like a lower-density project to fit with the character of Potrero Hill.

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