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Landmark Pac Heights Mansion Back on the Market for $9.7M

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Last August, we absolutely swooned when the historic mansion at Pacific Heights' 1735 Franklin Street went up for sale asking $9.7 million. However, the eight-bedroom property quietly disappeared from the market without selling. It is now back and looking for the same $9.7 million price for its mix of historic and contemporary, a huge jump over its 1997 sale price of $1.75 million. The mansion spreads out over nearly 10,000 square feet and includes two family rooms, a library, and six fireplaces. There's also a four-and-a-half car garage, although it's unclear exactly what to do with space for half of a car.

The mansion received a makeover at some point in its recent history, but hasn't lost its historic details, which include glorious wood-paneled walls and wainscoting. The wood-clad elevator is out of another era entirely, and even the bathroom mirror has a gable. The kitchen, bathrooms, and back patio, on the other hand, are all new and state of the art. And although property taxes on a $9.7 million home would normally be huge, 1735 Franklin falls under the Mills Act, which offers reduced property tax rates to owners who use the savings to restore and maintain their historic properties.

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