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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year Is ... the Excelsior!

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Congratulations to the Excelsior, which we are right this second crowning the neighborhood of the year. It was a close, close race, in which beloved-by-its-residents Excelsior narrowly beat out equally-beloved-by-its-residents Portola with just over 51 percent of the vote. Portola, last year's winner, will need to cede the (fake) crown and sash to its westerly neighbor forthwith. But you guys can still be friends! And, judging from the comments on the final round, you already are. "The Portola loves the Excelsior which is what is such a shame about this contest," says Portola_Now. "We, of course, want to win and don't want the Excelsior to lose. We are two peas in a pod." Adds Dimitri_SF: "It really is a win-win for southern SF."
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