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One-Bedroom at the Oriental Warehouse Seeks a Lofty $1.499M

This one-bedroom loft and 19th-century lumber storage vault at the Oriental Warehouse has just hit the market, and it's looking for a sizable $1.499 million. The bedroom's got a brick wall so perfectly worn we'd almost accuse it of being self-consciously distressed, and the whole place is packed with reclaimed wood (is that pine in the exposed structure?)—along with some lovely built-in storage, not least the living room's tall bookshelves, which come with one of those mobile library ladders. Inevitably, the coat closet is accessed via an aged barn door.

Though it's a one-bedroom seeking more than $1 million—a phenomenon we're regretfully seeing more and more of these days—this place is huge, coming in at 1,410 square feet, with a price per square of $1,063. That puts it a full $300 below South Beach's neighborhood median of $1,363. There are two bathrooms, plus an office nook upstairs behind a glass partition, so you could kind of think of it as a one-and-a-half-bedroom (that's a thing, right?) if you squint and also acquire one of these.

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