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San Francisco 38 Essential Stores; Workout Tips for Killer Abs; Test-Driving Tech; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF editor Robyn Hagan Cain shares the top fashion, beauty and fitness news of the week.

Susan of San Francisco. Photo: Patricia Chang

SAN FRANCISCO—What are the essential stores in the city right now? We've outlined our favorites in this map.

EVERYWHERE—Everyone starts the new year wanting new abs, so we asked top trainer Blake Harrison for pointers on sculpting a hot bod. Pics or it didn't happen, right?

AT HOME—Can't decide which wearable tech you want? Try 'em before you buy 'em with this new service. And if you really want to look fashionable, pair your wearable with your Patagucci fleece. (No, we didn't coin that term.)

THE INTERNET—Betabrand will start shipping poo emoji shirts in a matter of months. Is that more or less disturbing than poo emoji shoes? Vote now!

EMERYVILLE—We're heading into the second weekend of the epic Restoration Hardware warehouse sale.

FORT MASON—But if warehouse sales are too lowbrow for you, check out the Fog Fair design spectacular this weekend.

MILL VALLEY—What's the best problem a designer can have when launching a line? Too many fans, and not enough Instagramming.

DIFFERENT PLACES—Stop taking creepsters up on their offers of free hugs. There are professional snugglers in San Francisco who can do that for you.