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With Beer Garden Pop-Up, Giants Adopt the Proxy Model for Mission Rock

A year-round pop-up venue called the Yard will be headed for a portion of the parking lot across from AT&T Park if a hearing today before the San Francisco Port Commission approves the plans. Designed by Gehl Studio's Blaine Merker, the Yard would bring an Anchor Steam beer garden, a coffee shop, retail, and a waterfront deck to the neighborhood in a parking lot across from Lefty O'Doul Bridge. The entire 18,000-square-foot setup would be rigged up in 15 shipping containers previously used in the Port of Oakland, and would replace about 70 parking spaces.

Much like Proxy and the Hall before it, the Yard is envisioned as a temporary project to make use of the property while the team's real estate arm works its way through the approval process for its huge mixed-use Mission Rock project, which would bring more than 650 units of housing, an eight-acre park, and commercial space. The interim project is designed to allow the Giants to capitalize on the quick growth of surrounding Mission Bay. The team hopes to open the Yard in March to coordinate with its preseason game schedule. The Yard would stay open through at least the end of March 2017, although it could be around even longer, depending on Mission Rock's schedule.

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