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A-Frame Eichler with Pool Strips Off $80K in San Rafael

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In our never-ending quest to ogle every Eichler within reasonable drooling range, we landed upon this five-bed, two-bath "double A" specimen in San Rafael. It hit the market in October seeking $1.45M, and now that price has been chopped down to $1.37M. The wood-plank ceilings are white, the globe lights are intact, and the kitchen looks to be the recipient of a new stove and a decidedly non-midcentury-size fridge. The carpeting in the bedrooms is rather disappointing, but at least it cuts down on tracks in from the pool?

Oddly, the property was sold just in July for a more modest $865K, so its reappearance so soon, and at a half-mil markup, is a bit curious. Meanwhile, the home has stayed on the market for nearly three months—which feels almost like eons in Eichler time. Nearly all the Bay Area Eichlers Curbed National mapped back in November have long since been snapped up. Can we expect more pricechops if this place continues to go unclaimed?

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