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Original Real World SF Apartment Up for Rent in Russian Hill

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A little more than 20 years ago, seven strangers moved into a Russian Hill condo to "stop being polite and start getting real." With their arrival, The Real World: San Francisco began. Cast members for that season included HIV-positive Pedro Zamora and the long-running series' most controversial member ever, Puck Rainey, who was booted out of the house halfway through the season. If you're a reality TV fan eager to capture a slice of one of the genre's original big hits, the two-bedroom condo that the cast members shared (yes, there were once seven people living in this place!) is now up for rent for $5,800 a month.

A fire has swept through since the Real World cast called the place home, and it has since undergone extensive renovations, but its general structure and prime location just one block from the curvy part of Lombard Street remain. It's pet-friendly and boasts a one-car garage, in-unit laundry, granite countertops, and a balcony with views.

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